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Cловарь терминов изобразительного искусства.

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от автора
арт история
арт история XXв



0001 Horse. The top Paleolithic. Painting. France.
0002 Head of the wild horse. Arjudi. The top paleolith. Bone. France.
0003 For a throwing of a spear. The top paleolith. Horn of a deer. France.
0004 Horse-drawn vehicle. Paleolith. Rock drawing. Mongolia.
0005 Horse. Lascaux. 15,000-10,000 B.C. Painting. France.
0006 Decoration for buckle. Epoch of bronze. 4000-1000 B. C. Bronze. Decorative art. Northern Caucasus.
0007 The pharaon on a chariot. Ancient Egypt.
0008 The pharaon on a chariot. Paintings. Larets. Decorative art. Ancient Egypt.
0009 Helios on the Chariot of the Sun. 3,300 B.C. Mural.
0010 Prancing Horse. Amenhotep IV. 1391-1353 B.C.E. Stained ivory, garnet inlay. Decorative art. Egypt.
0011 Hunting on a lions. Ashshurbanipal II. IX century B.C. Relief. Stone. Sculpture. Assyriya.
0012 The pharaon. Relief. Stone. Sculpture. Ancient Egypt.
0012n Horse Figurine, perhaps from a bit decoration. IX th century B.C. Bronze. Decorative art. Iran.
0013 Horse. VIII th century B.C. Bronse. Decorative art. Greece.
0014 Horse. VIII century B.C. Bronze. Figurine. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0015 Hunting on a lion. VIII century B.C. Painting. Ancient Egypt.
0016 Horse. A wall of Sennacherib's palace at Nineveh. VII th-VI th century B.C. Relief Plaque. Sculpture. Assyria.
0017 Statuette of a man and centaur. 750 B.C. Bronze. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0018 The Grecian horse. VII century B.C. Relief decor of an amphora. Ceramics. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0019 Vase from Susa. VII century B.C. Decorative art. Iran.
0020 Emperor's dancing horse. The Tang Dynasty. China.
0021 Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal. Palace at Nineveh. 668-627 B.C. Relief. Stone. Sculpture. Neo-Assyria.
0022 Ceramic vase. VI century B.C. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0023 Attic vase. VI century B.C. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0024 The young athenian with a chariot. Vase. VI century B. C. Paintings. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0025 Evfrony. Rider. End VI- begining V century B.C. Kilik. Paintings. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0026 Horse from quadriga of Selene/Nyx.
0027 Gelios, the god of the sun, on a chariot. Figure on a vase. Decorative art. Ancient Greece.
0028 Centaur abducting Lapith Woman with Fallen Lapith Man. Parthenon Metope. 447-438 B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0029 Reading horse and rider. Parthenon frieze. 442-438 B.C. Relief. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0030 Horsemen in the Pan-Athenaic Procession. Parthenon frieze. 438-432 B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0031 Horsemen in the Pan-Athenaic Procession. Parthenon W. frieze. 438-432 B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0032 Pheidias (about 500-431 b.c.) Metope relief from the Parthenon showing a Lapith fighting a Centaur. 447-443s B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0033 Pheidias (about 500-431 b.c.). Head of a horse from a chariot of goddess Seleny. 447-432s B.C. Marble. East pediment of Parthenon. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0034 Phidias (400's B.C.). Pathenon Horsemen. 432 B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0035 Phidias (400's B.C.). Parthenon-details of horsemen. 432 B.C. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0036 Horse and African Groom. Relief. Sculpture. Greece.
0037 Decadrachm. Syracuse. 400-375 B. C. Silver. Italy.
0038 Lion's gryphon torments the horse. V-IV century B.C. Gold. Zone slice. Decorative art. Scythians.
0039 Pegas. Riton, a smart vessel. IV century B.C. Decorative art. Northern caucasus.
0040 Scythian ornament. Pektoral'. IV century B.C. Gold. Decorative art. Prichernomor'e.
0041 Skyphy. An ornament. Gold. Decorative art. Scythians.
0042 Battling skyphy. End V - the beginning of IV century B.C. Gold. Comb. Decorative art. Scythians.
0043 Scythian ornament. Pektoral'. IV century B.C. Gold. Decorative art. Prichernomor'e.
0044 Scythian ornament. Pektoral'. IV century B.C. Gold. Decorative art. Prichernomor'e.
0045 Timotheos. Naiad on horseback, acroterion from Temple of Asklepios at Epidauros. 340 B.C. Sculpture.
0046 Attributed to Timotheos, Pedimental group of Amazons Battling Greeks from Temple of Asklepios at Epidauros. 340 B.C. Sculpture.
0047 The boy on the horse. 330-310 century B.C. Bronze. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0047a Fight the Roman with the barbarians. 260 B.C. Relief. Marble. Sculpture. Italy.
0048 Army of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi. Sculpture. Imperial China.
0049 The Horse. Han Dynasty. 206 B.C.-220. Terracotta. Sculpture. China.
0049a Rider. II century B.C. Relief. Stone. Sculpture. India.
0050 Head and Partial Torso of a Horse. Han dynasty. 206 B.C. to A. D. 220. Jade. Decorative art. China.
0051 Horse and Rider. Western Han Dynasty. 206 B.C.- 25 A.D. Ceramic. Sculpture. China.
0052 Horse. Han Dynasty. Polychromatic terra cotta. Sculpture. China.
0053 The Horse. Imperial China. Sculpture. China.
0054 Alexander the Great. Alexander's fight with Dariy. The beginning of III century B.C. Mosaic. Ancient Rome.
0055 Fight on the bridge. II century B.C. From a relief in a tomb. Sculpture. China.
0056 Bellerophon and the Horse Pegasus. II century B.C. Carved Bas-Relief. Sculpture. Ancient Greece.
0057 Attributes of Artemis. Relief. Sculpture.
0058 Horse with Wheels. I -V th century A.D. Wood. Egypt.
0059 Standing Horses. I -V th century A.D. Clay. Sculpture. Egypt.
0060 Wall Painting Fragment Depicting a Circus Horse. II-early III century AD. Painted plaster. Painting. Italy.
0061 Trajan's Column. Rome. 113 A.D. Sculpture. Italy.
0062 Equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Rome. About 170 years. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0063 Copy of the gilded bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback. Capitoline Hill. Sculpture. Italy.
0064 Equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Rome. About 170 years. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0065 Haniwa Horse. 300-550. Terracotta. Sculpture. Japan.
0066 The horseman. Hornhauzen. About 700. Tombstone. Sculpture. The western Europe.
0067 Tang Horse. Decorative art. China.
0068 Funerary Figure of Horse. Tang. Decorative art. China.
0070 Han Gan (Active 742-756) Walking the horse. Tang Dynasty. ?-780 Painting. China.
0071 Han Gan (Active 742-756) White-night Horse. Tang Dynasty. ?-780 Ink on paper. Painting. China.
0073 Charles Great, fransky King. IX century. Bronze. Figurine. Sculpture.
0074 Idol. The river Zbruch. IX century. Stone. Russia.
0075 Vessel. Time Solomon. X century B. C. Decorative art.
0076 Horse with removable saddle. Six Dynasty Period. Terra cotta with polychromatic traces. Sculpture. China.
0077 Equestrian Figure. Mali. 945-1245 A.D. Wood. Sculpture. Africa.
0078 Horsemans. Ti-m-Missaou. Northern Africa.
0079 Rider. The Apocalypse. Bamberger. About 1000. Germany.
0080 Apocalyptic style from Sen-Sever. 1050. Miniature. Graphics art. France.
0081 Rider. Mihajlosky zlatoverhy a monastery. Kiev. 1112. Relief. Sculpture. The Kiev Russia.
0082 Horse on a facade of cathedral a St. Marc. Venice. Part of a Greco-Roman triumphal quadriga. 1204. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0083 Sainte-Chapelle. Stained-glass window. 1243-1248. Color glass. Decorative art. France.
0084 Bowl. Late XII th-early XIII th century. Decorative art. Iran.
0085 Aquamanile in the Form of a Horseman. Scandinavia. XIII th century. Bronze. Decorative art. Great Britain.
0086 Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322), Zhao Yong (1289-after 1360), and Zhao Lin (act. second half of the 14th century). Grooms and Horses. Yuan Period, dated 1296 and 1359. Ink and color on paper. Graphics art. China.
0087 Tympanum. Daghestan region, Caucasus. Late XIVth-early XVth century. Carved stone with traces of paint. Sculpture. Daghestan region, Caucasus.
0088 Boris and Gleb. XIV century. Icon. Painting. Ancient Russia.
0089 Hans Burgkmair, the Elder (1473-1531). Hohenzeuggestech. XV-XVI th century Graphics art. Germany.
0090 Mille Fleurs? (1000 flowers). XV th century France.
0091 Pisano Andrea (about 1290-1349). Horse riding. Sculpture. Italy.
0092 Pisanello Antonio (1394-1455). Studio Di Testa Di Cavall I. Graphics art. Italy.
0093 Pisanello Antonio (1394-1455). Saint George and the Princess of Trebizond. Detail. 1422-1438. Wall painting. Painting. Italy.
0094 Bernardo Martorell (1400-1452). Saint George Killing the Dragon. 1430-1435. Tempera on panel. Painting. Spain.
0095 Rogier van der Weyden (1399-1464). Saint George and the Dragon. 1432. Painting. Netherland.
0096 Pisanello (1395-1455). Head and neck of a harnessed horse, looking away to the right, the bridle hanging. Pen and brown ink. Watermarked paper. Graphics art. Italy.
0097 Pisanello (1395-1455). Visione di sant'Eustachio. 1435-1440. Italy.
0098 Paolo Uccello (1397-1475). Monumento a Giovanni Acuto. Firenze. 1436. Painting. Italy.
0099 Donatello (1386-1466). Monument to Erasmo da Narmi, popularly called Gattamelata. 1447-1453. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0100 Uccello Paolo (1397-1475). The sacred George winning a dragon. Fragment. Painting. Florence.
0101 Pierro Della Francesca (1420-1492) Battaglia di Eraclio e Cosroe. Arrezzo. 1452-1466. Italy.
0102 Paolo Uccello (1395-1475). The Battle of San Romano. 1456. Tempera on wood. Painting. Italy.
0103 Gozzoli Benozzo (1420-1497). Procession. 1459. Painting. Italy.
0104 Fragment of a Cavalry Group. 1470. Oak. Sculpture. Netherlands.
0105 Verrocchio Andrea (1435-1488). Equestrian Statue of Colleoni. 1479-1488. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0106 Antonio Pollaiuolo (1431-1498). Study for an Equestrian Monument. 1482-1483. Pen and brown ink, light and dark brown wash. Graphics art. Italy.
0107 Botticelli Sandro (1445-1510). The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti. Painting. Italy.
0108 Botticelli Sandro (1445-1510). Pallas and the Centaur. Tempera on canvas. Painting. Italy.
0109 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Studi per un Monumento Equestre. Italy.
0110 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Rearing Horse. 1483-1498. Red chalk. Graphics art. Italy.
0111 Mantegna Andrea (1431-1506). Battle of the Sea Gods, left half. 1485-1488. Engraving on laid paper, sheet. Graphics art. Italy.
0112 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Horse Study. Italy.
0113 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Head Measured, and Horsemen. 1490 and 1504. Pen, ink and red chalk on paper. Graphics art. Italy.
0114 Durer Albrecht (1471-1528). The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 1498. Woodcut. Graphics art. Germany.
0115 Two Horses. 1500s. Bronze. Sculpture. Western Europe.
0115a Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Copy of Rubens. Battle of Anghiari. 1503-1506. Painting. Italy.
0116 Raphael (1483-1520). St. George Fighting the Dragon . 1504-1506. Oil on wood. Painting. Italy.
0117 Raphael (1483-1520). The Woman with the Unicorn. 1505. Painting. Italy.
0118 Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528). The death - horseman. 1505. Coal pencil. Graphics art. Germany.
0119 Cranach Lucas (1472-1553). St. George. Engraving. Graphics art. Germany.
0120 Cranach Lucas the Elder (1472-1553). Tournament with Lances, detail. 1509. Woodcut. Graphics art. Germany.
0121 Cranach Lucas the Elder (1472-1553). Jousting Tournament with the Tapestry of Samson and the Lion. 1509. Woodcut. Graphics art. Germany.
0122 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Equestrian Statue. 1510. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0123 Durer Albrecht (1471-1528). Knight, Death and the Devil. 1513. Engraving. Graphics art. Germany.
0124 Raphael (1483-1520). A Marble Horse on the Quirinal Hill, recto. 1513-1514. Red chalk and pen and brown ink, with stylus underdrawing and traces of leadpoint on laid paper. Graphics art. Italy.
0125 Scolari Giuseppe (1550-1600). St. George. On Titsian. Second half XVI century. Engraving. Graphics art. Italy.
0126 Barthel Beham (1502 - 1540). Hercules Fighting The Trojans. XVI th century. Engraving. Graphics art. Germany.
0127 Burgkmair Hans the Elder (1473-1531). Emperor Maximilian I on Horseback. Fragment. 1518. Chiaroscuro woodcut. Graphics art. Germany.
0127n Hieronymous Hopfer (active 1528-1550). The Flight into Egipt. Etching. Graphics art. Germany.
0128 Baldung Hans Grien (1484-1545). Group of Seven Horses. 1534. Woodcut. Graphics art. Germany.
0129 Cranach Lucas the Elder (1472-1553). The Crucifixion with the Converted Centurion. 1536. Oil on panel. Painting. Germany.
0130 Hans Baldung Grien (1484-1545) The Bewitched Groom. 1544 Woodcut, sheet. Graphics art. Germany.
0131 The image on a coin. 1556. Decorative art. Lithuania.
0132 Grjunval'd fight. Fragment. XVI century. Engraving. Graphics art.
0133 Coat of arms. XVI century Graphics art. Belarus.
0134 George's miracle about zmiy. XVI century. Icon. Painting. Russia.
0135 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Head of the horse. Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0136 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Structure of a horse, lion and the person. Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0137 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0138 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0139 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0140 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Drawing. Graphics art. Italy.
0141 Giambologna (Giovanni Bologna) (1529-1608). Medici Horse. Bronze. Sculpture. France/Italy.
0142 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). St. George Slaying the Dragon. Early 1600's. Graphics art. Belgium.
0143 Map of Near East as Pegas. XVII century. Graphics art.
0144 Diepenbeke Abraham. Duke of Newcastle's Horses 2 of 2. XVII th Century. Holland.
0145 Edelink Gerard (1640-1707). Fight at Angiari. On copy Rubens from cardboard Leonardo. XVII century. Engraving. Graphics art. France.
0146 RITRATTO DI FRANCESCO I A CAVALLO, Pittore attivo presso gli Estensi. XVII century.
0147 Caravaggio (1573-1610). Call of the apostle Pavel. 1600-1601. Painting. Italy.
0148 Gippokamp. (Taller de Flias Geyer). 1600. Decorative art. Germany.
0149 Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri) (1581-1641). The Maiden and the Unicorn. 1602. Fresco. Painting. Italy.
0150 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). St. George and the Dragon. 1606-1610. Painting. Belgium.
0151 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). Lion Hunt. 1616. Painting. Belgium.
0152 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus. 1617-1618. Painting. Belgium.
0153 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). Battle of the Amazons. 1618. Painting. Belgium.
0154 Rubens Peter Paul (1577-1640). Persej and Andromeda. Fragment. 1620-1621. Painting. Belgium.
0155 Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Guercino (1591-1666). Landscape with the Taming of a Horse. 1620-1630. Pen and brown ink with brown wash on laid paper. Graphics art. Italy.
0156 Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (1606-1680). Landscape with Two Men on Horseback, No. 4 from the series "Eight Landscapes". Etching. Graphics art. Italy.
0157 Van Dyck Anthony (1599-1641). Soldier on Horseback. Painting. Belgium.
0158 Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641). A Man Mounting a Horse. 1630. Oil on wood. Painting. Flanders.
0159 Poussin, Nicolas (1594-1665). Tancred and Erminia. 1630s. Painting. France.
0160 Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641). A Man Riding a Horse. 1630. Oil on wood. Painting. Flanders.
0161 Velazquez Diego (1599-1660). Queen Isabel of Bourbon Equestrian. 1634-1635. Painting. Spain.
0162 Velazquez Diego (1599-1660). Prince Baltasar Carlos Equestrian. 1634-1635. Painting. Spain.
0163 Velazquez Diego (1599-1660). Phillip III Equestrian. 1634-1635. Painting. Spain.
0164 Velazquez, Diego (1599-1660). The Surrender of Breda. 1634-1635. Painting. Spain.
0165 Van Dyck Anthony (1599-1641). Charles I on hunting. about 1635. Painting. Belgium.
0166 Begeyn Abraham (1637-1697). An Italian Landscape with Figures, a Horse and a Cow. 1635 -1641. Painting. Holland.
0167 Pieter van Laer (called Bamboccio) (1592-1642) A Peasant Leading his Horse. 1636. Etching. Graphics art. Holland.
0168 Sons of Check Dzhahan. 1636. Miniature. Southern Asia.
0169 Diego Velazquez (1599-1660). The Conde Duque de Olivares on a Chestnut Horse. 1638. Canvas, relined. Painting. Spain.
0170 Wouterman Philips (1619-1668). The White Horse. 1640-1645. Panel. Painting. Netherlands.
0171 Girardon Francois (1628-1715). Model for an Equestrtan Statue of Louis XIV. Second half of the XVII th century. Sculpture. France.
0172 Stefano della Bella (1610-1664). Battlepiece. About 1647. Etching. Graphics art. Italy.
0173 Philips Wouwermans Shoeing a Horse. 1650. Oak Panel.
0174 Hans Ludwig Kienle. 1650. Bronze.
0175 Dirck Stoop (1610-1686). Villagers Holding a Horse by the Bridle. 1651. Etching. Graphics art. Netherlands.
0176 Stefano della Bella (1610-1664). A Hungarian Horseman. 1651. Etching. Graphics art. Italy.
0177 Potter Paulus (1625-1654). Resting Herd. 1652. Oak. Painting. Holland.
0178 Rembrandt Harmensz (1606-1669). The Polish Rider. 1655. Oil on canvas. Painting. Holland.
0179 Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606-1669). Landscape with a Horseman. 1656. Pen, indian ink. Graphics art. Holland.
0180 Vashchanka M. Illustration to the Monarchy Turkish. 1678. Engraving. Graphics art. Belarus.
0181 Follower of Abraham van Calraet (1642-1722). Boy holding a Horse. Oak Panel. Painting. Netherlands.
0182 Huysmans Corneille (1648-1727). Landscape with a Horseman in a Clearing. Painting. Belgium.
0182n Tournament of the Lui XIV. The manager. (Scenographie du Pouvoir.) France.
0183 An Urn Composed of Crocodiles Holding the Bowl Adorned with a Child Driving. mid-18th century. Graphite, bistre ink and gray wash. Graphics art. Italy.
0184 Netske. XVIII century Ivory. Decorative art. Japan.
0185 A Group of Cavalrymen. XVIII th century. Black and red chalk. Graphics art. France.
0186 Agate Horse. XVIII th Century. China.
0187 Bracci Pietro (1700 - 1773). L' Oceano. XVIII century. Marble. Sculpture. Italy.
0188 Coyzevox Antuan (1640-1720). Glory. 1700-1702 Marble. Sculpture. France.
0189 Guillaume 1er Coustou (1677-1746). Horse Restrained by a Groom known as the Horse of Marly. Paris. 1739-1745. Marble. Sculpture.
0190 Wootton John (1683-1764). Nathaniel Curzon's 'Brisk'. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0191 James Seymour ? (1702-1752). A Horseman Galloping. Chalk on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0192 Giuseppe Angeli (1712-1798). Elijah Taken Up in a Chariot of Fire. 1740-1755. Painting. Italy.
0193 Bouchardon Edme (1698-1762). Equestrian statue of Louis XV. 1748-1758. Bronze. Sculpture. France.
0194 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770). The Cavalier mounting his Horse. 1749. Etching. Graphics art. Italy.
0195 Samuel Scott (1702-1772). A Cart and Horse. Pencil, watercolour and pen and ink on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0196 Giovanni Casanova Equestrian. XVIII th century. Graphics art. Italy.
0197 Coustou the Elder Guillaume (1677-1746). The Horse Tamer (America). 1750s. Sculpture. France.
0198 Coustou Guillaume the Elder (1677-1746). The Horse Tamer (Europe). 1750s. Bronze. Sculpture. France.
0199 Richard Roper (1730-1775). The Match between Aaron and Driver at Maidenhead, Aug. 1754: Driver Winning the Third Heat. 1754. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0200 Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788). An Old Horse. 1755. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0201 Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788). Carthorses Drinking at a Stream. 1760. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0202 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Racehorses Belonging to the Duke of Richmond Exercising at Goodwood. 1760-1761. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0203 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Eclipse With Mr. Wildman & His Sons. Painting. Great Britain.
0204 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Whistlejacket. 1761-1762. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0205 Stubbs George (1724-1806). On hunting. Grosvenor. 1762. Painting. Great Britain.
0206 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Lustre, Held by a Groom. Painting. Great Britain.
0207 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Horse Attacked by a Lion. 1762-1765. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0208 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Mares by an Oak-Tree. 1764-1765. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0209 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Mares and Foals Disturbed by an Approaching Storm. 1764-1766. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0210 Falconet Etienne-Maurice (1716-1791). Monument Peter I in St.-Petersburg. 1765-1782. Sculpture. France.
0211 Falconet Etienne-Maurice (1716-1791). Monument Peter I in St.-Petersburg. 1765-1782. Sculpture. France.
0212 Gilpin Sawrey (1733-1807). Furiband with his Owner Sir Harry Harpur and a Groom. 1774. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0213 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Mares and Foals under an Oak-Tree. 1775. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0214 Stubbs George (1724-1806). John and Sophia Musters Out Riding at Colwick Hall. 1777. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0215 Piroli Tommaso (1750-1824). Illustration to "Illiada" Gomer. On Flaksman. Engraving. Graphics art. Italy.
0216 Morland George (1763-1804) The Farmyard. Great Britain.
0217 Thomas Rowlandson, after Francis Wheatley (1756-1827). Group of Gypsies, from the series "Imitations of Modern Drawings". 1786. Etching. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0218 Samuel Shelley (1750-1808). A Woman Pointing to a Child Leading a Horse. Pencil on paper, Pencil on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0219 John Flaxman (1755-1826). Studies of a Horse. Pencil on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0220 Stubbs George (1724-1806). Baronet with Samuel Chifney. 1791. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0221 Stubbs George (1724-1806). A Grey Horse. 1793. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0222 West Benjamin (1738-1820). Death on a Pale Horse. 1796. Painting. USA.
0223 Hours per the form of a chariot. Style an empire style. Beginning XIX century. Bronze. Decorative art. Austria.
0224 Ladle with Horse's Head. XIX th century. Wood. Decorative art. USA.
0225 Teak Temple Horse. XIX th century. Hand-Painted and Carved. Decorative art. India.
0226 Skrebnitsa. XIX century. Brass. Decorative art. Belgium.
0227 A Horse full. XIX th century. Wood. Sculpture. USA.
0228 Jadeite Horse. XIX th century. Decorative art. China.
0229 Life of the Buddha. Bangkok Palace. Relief. Stone. Sculpture. Thailand.
0230 Peter La Cave (1769-1806). Pastoral Landscape. Watercolor. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0231 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1907). The Trace Horse of the Omnibus Company. Late 1800's. France.
0232 Frederic Remington (1861-1909). The Scout. Late 1800's. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0233 Frederic Remington (1861-1909). The Advance Guard. Late 1800's. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0234 Agasse, Jacques-Laurent (1767-1849). White Horse in Pasture. 1806-1807. Oil on canvas. Painting. Switzerland.
0235 Marshall Benjamin (1767-1835). Francis Dukinfield Astley and his Harriers. 1809. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0236 Goya Francisco (1746-1828). She is well protected. From a series of " Disaster of war ". 1810-1820. Etching. Graphics art. Spain.
0237 Cooper Abraham (1787-1868). Battle piece. Great Britain.
0238 Cooper Abram (1787-1868). A Saddled Grey Arab Stallion. Painting. Great Britain.
0239 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). An Officer of the Imperial Horse Guards Charging. 1814. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0240 Goya Francisco (1746-1828). The horse-abductor. 1815. Etching, aquatint and drypoint. Graphics art. Spain.
0241 David Jacques-Louis (1748-1825). Napoleon at St. Bernard. Painting. France.
0242 Herring John Frederick (1795-1865) After Work. Great Britain.
0243 Jawan Singh of Merta. Early XIX th century. Opaque watercolor and silver on paper mounted to another sheet. India.
0244 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). Dappled Draught Horse Being Shod. 1813. France.
0245 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). Horse Frightened By Lightning. Painting. France.
0246 'Hugenot' [horse] in field with an Indian groom. 1815. Painting. India.
0247 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). Run of free horses. 1816-1817. Painting. France.
0248 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). Studies of Grooms Restraining Horses. 1817. Graphite. Graphics art. France.
0249 Constable John (1776-1837). The White Horse. 1819. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0250 William Henry Hunt (1790-1864). A Horse in a Stable. Watercolour wash, pencil and pastel on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0251 Hicks Edward (1780-1849). Noah's Ark. Painting. USA.
0252 Venetsianov A.G. (1780-1847). On an arable land. Spring. 1820s. Painting. Russia.
0253 Gericault Theodore (1791-1824). Gallop in Epsom. 1821. Painting. France.
0254 Delacroix Eugene (1798-1863). Frightened Horse. Painting. France.
0255 Delacroix Eugene (1798 - 1863). Combat Between Giacour and Hassan in a Ravine. 1824-1826. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0256 Herring John Frederick (1795-1865). Farmyard With Numerous Animals. Painting. Great Britain.
0257 Herring John Frederick (1795-1865). Stable Courtyard. Great Britain.
0258 Herring, John F., Sr. (1795-1865). Negotiator the Bay Horse in a Landscape. 1826. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0259 View of horses, riders and coaches standing around the statue of Achilles by Richard Westmacott, erected in honour of the Duke of Wellington. 1827. Medium lithograph on paper. Graphics art.
0260 Bryulloff Karl (1799-1852). Portrait of K. A. and M. Ya. Narishkin. 1827. Water-colour on paper. Graphics art. Russia.
0261 Pimenov S., Demut-Malinovsky V. Chariot of the Victory. St.-Petersburg. 1829. Sculpture. Russia.
0262 Girl on a horse. 1830. Black silhouette (paper cut-out). Graphics art. USA.
0263 Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863). Lion Attacking a Horse. 1830. Brown ink and gray wash. Graphics art. France.
0264 Pushkin A.S. (1799-1837). Self-portrait with the Cossack spear. Drawing. Graphics art. Russia.
0265 Hokusai (1760-1849). The poet Toba in exile. Fragment. 1830s. Colour engraving. Graphics art. Japan.
0266 Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849). The waterfall where Yoshitsune washed his horse. 1832. Graphics art. Japan.
0267 Bryulloff Karl (1799-1852). Rider. 1832. Oil on canvas. Painting. Russia.
0268 Klodt Peter K. (1805-1867). Taming of horse. 1833-1849. Bronze. Sculpture. Russia.
0269 Mamai. 1834. Painting. Ukraine.
0270 Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875). Horse Attacked by a Tiger, model. 1837. France.
0271 Herring, John F., Sr. (1795-1865). The Edinburgh and London Royal Mail. 1838. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0272 Queen Victoria and the Duke of Wellington exercise on horseback. 1838. Medium aquatint on paper. Graphics art.
0273 Hippolyte Bellange (1800-1866). Napoleon on a Grey Horse. 1839. Pencil, water- and body-colour on paper. Graphics art. France.
0274 Hablot Knight Browne ('Phiz') (1815-1882). Denis promoted to the dignity of a horse. Caricature. Pencil, pen and ink and gouache on paper. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0275 Grigory Gagarin (1810 - 1893). Trick Riding of Curds and Tatars in front of the Fortress Sardar-Abbat in Armenia. 1840s. Oil on canvas. Painting. Russia.
0276 The Hobby Horse. 1840. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0277 McKewan D.H. View of Literary Society building on Borough Road, with figures and a horse-drawn carriage in front. 1840. Medium lithograph on paper. Graphics art.
0278 Lermontov M.J. (1814-1841). Gorets. 1840. Drawing. Graphics art. Russia.
0279 The White Horse is cut out of the turf on the upper slopes of Uffington Castle near the Ridgeway, Berkshire. Photo. It is 374 feet long. England.
0280 Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846). Gentleman with a Horse. 1844. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0281 Delacroix Eugene (1798 - 1863). The Sultan of Marocco and His Entourage. 1845. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0282 Landseer Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873). Shoeing. Great Britain.
0283 Courbet Gustave (1819-1877). Landscape with a Dead Horse. Second half of the 1850s. Painting. France.
0284 Child with Rocking Horse. 1850. Painting. USA.
0285 View of Royal Exchange and the Bank of England on left, with statue of Duke of Wellington, figures, horses and carriage in the street. 1850. Medium engraving on metallic paper. Graphics art.
0286 Pierre-Jules Mene (1810-1879). The Accolade. 1850. Bronse. Sculpture. France.
0287 Whimsical horse. 1850. Ink, a water color. Graphics art. USA.
0288 Klodt Peter K. (1805-1867). Taming of horse. 1850. Bronze. Sculpture. Russia.
0289 Bonheur Rosa (1822-1899). The Horse Fair. 1853-1855. Painting. France.
0290 Equestrian Statue of Andrew Jackson,
at Washington,
Cast from British Cannon Captured by Jackson. 1854. Wood engraving. Graphics art.
0291 Delacroix Eugene (1798 - 1863). Arab Saddling his Horse. 1855. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0292 Glass James W. Scene of the Duke of Wellington passing through Horse Guards, Westminster. 1855. Medium mezzotint on paper. Graphics art.
0293 William John Wilgus after. Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. 1855. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0294 Quidor John (1801-1881). The Headless Horseman Pursuing Ichabod Crane. 1858. USA.
0295 Distaff. Gorodets. Middle of XIX century. Paintings, groove, incrustation. Decorative art. Russia.
0296 Mazin I. The three. XIX century. Paintings. Painting. Russia.
0297 Kossak Julius (1824-1899). Beduin with Arabian horse. Poland.
0298 Kossak Juliusz (1824-1899). K. Ljubenski's horse portrait about the daughter Emiliej. Water colour. Graphics art. Poland.
0299 Currier & Ives (1834-1907). Trotting Cracks - The Forge. USA.
0300 Delacroix Eugene (1798 - 1863). Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable. 1860. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0301 Joseph Anderson Faris (1833-1909). The Neigh of an Iron Horse. 1860s. Painting. USA.
0302 Sverchkov N. G. (1817-1898). Obeyan Silver. Painting. Russia.
0303 Sverchkov N. G. (1817-1898). Hantsman. 1860s. Painting. Russia.
0304 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Exercising Race-horses. 1860s. Pastel on paper. Graphics art. France.
0305 Sverchkov N. G. (1817-1898). Carry a killed bear. Russia.
0306 Semenskiy V. V. Krepysh. Russia.
0307 George Catlin (1796-1872). Horse Racing - Minatarrees. 1861-1869. Oil on card mounted on paperboard. Painting. USA.
0308 George Catlin (1796-1872) The Running Fox on a Fine Horse - Saukie. 1861-1869 Oil on card mounted on paperboard. Painting. USA.
0309 Landseer Edwin (Henry) (1802-1873). The Arab Tent. 1866. Canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0310 Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904). The Horse Market. 1867. Oil on panel. Painting. France.
0311 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Jockeys in Front of the Grandstands. 1869-1872. Oil. Painting. France.
0312 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). The False Start. 1869-1872. Painting. France.
0313 Gruzinskiy P. N. (1837-1893). Driving on a holiday. Russia.
0314 Kossak Juliusz (1824-1899). The correct comrade. Oil on canvas. Painting. Poland.
0315 Walter Crane (1845-1915). The White Knight. 1870. Watercolour. Graphics art. Great Britain.
0316 Claude Monet (1840-1926). Jean Monet sur son cheval mecanique. 1872. Painting. France.
0317 Zille G. (1858-1929). The carrier. 1875. Drawing. Graphics art. Germany.
0318 Horse trapping. Last quarter XIX th century. Wool, weft wrapped brocade on plain-weave ground. Decorative art. Caucasus.
0319 Charles Caryl Coleman (1840-1928). The Bronze Horses of San Marco, Venice. 1876. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0320 Gilbert Sir John (1817-1897). Horsemen at the time of Charles I. 1876. Medium pencil and ink and pen and watercolour on paper. Great Britain.
0321 Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier (1815-1891). Horseman in a Storm, model. 1878. Bronze. Sculpture. France.
0322 Max Klinger (1857-1920). Triumph (Triumpf). 1878-1881. Etching. Graphics art. Germany.
0323 Hardy Heywood (1843-1933). The Meet. Great Britain.
0324 McKisson J. W. Prince Imperial. 1880s. Lithography. Graphics art. USA.
0325 Moran Peter (1841-1914). Horses in a Stable. 1880. Etching and drypoint. Graphics art.
0326 Lansere E.A. (1848 - 1886). Circassian on Horse. 1880. Bronze. Sculpture. Russia.
0327 Vasnetsov Viktor (1848-1926). Bogatyrs. 1881-1898. Painting. Russia.
0328 Gustave Moreau (1826-1898). The Unicorn. 1885. Painting. France.
0329 Van Gogh (1853-1890). Plaster Statuette of a Horse. 1886. Painting. Netherlands.
0330 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Horse. 1890. Chalk and pastel counterproof on wove paper, sheet Graphics art. France.
0331 Dore G. (1832-1883). E. Raspe of " the Adventure of Baron Munchhausen". Illustration to the book. Graphics art. France.
0332 Rousseau Henri (1844-1910). The War. 1884. Painting. France.
0333 Dagnan-Bouveret Pascal (1852-1929). Horses at the watering trough. 1884. Painting. France.
0334 Seurat George Pierre (1859-1891). White Horse & Black Horse in Water. 1883. Painting. France.
0335 Muybridge William (1830-1904). Horse Galloping. 1885. Photography. Graphics art. USA.
0336 Lansere Eugeny A. (1848-1886). Svjatoslav for a way in Tsar'grad. 1886. Bronze. Sculpture. Russia.
0337 Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901). In the Circus Fernando: The Ringmaster. 1887-1888. Painting. France.
0338 Maljutin S.V. and others. Balalaika. 1890. Paintings. Decorative art. Russia.
0339 Trubetskoj P.P. (1866-1938). Model of a monument to Alexander III. 1890-1900. Sculpture. Russia.
0340 Vrubel' M. (1856-1910) The skipping horseman. 1891. Russia.
0341 Seurat Georges (1859-1891). Circus. Fragment. 1891. Painting. France.
0342 Remington Frederick S. (1861-1909) Turn Him Loose, Bill. Painting. USA.
0343 Frederic Remington (1861-1909). The Bronco Buster. 1895. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0344 Tom Roberts (1856-1931). Bailed up. 1895-1927. Oil on canvas. Painting. United Kingdom / Australia.
0345 Ryder Albert Pinkham (1847-1917). The Race Track (Death on a Pale Horse). 1896. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0346 Lucy Kemp-Welch (1869-1958). Colt Hunting in the New Forest. 1897. Painting. Great Britain.
0347 Puppet. Circus of I. Zajtsev. The end XIX-beginning of XX century Decorative art. Russia.
0348 Jarilo and a horse. The Arkhangelsk province. The end of XIX century. Towel. An embroidery. Decorative art. Russia.
0349 Vrubel Mikhail (1856-1910). Bogatyrs. 1898. Painting. Russia.
0350 Gauguin Paul (1848-1903). The White Horse. 1898. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0351 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1907). The Jockey. 1899. France.
0352 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Study of a Horse with Figures. Graphics art. France.
0353 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Galloping Horse. Bronse. Sculpture. France.
0354 Degas Edgar (1834-1917). Horses. Graphics art. France.
0355 Russell, Charles M. (1864-19??) Red Man of the Plains. 1901. Watercolor. Graphics art. USA.
0356 Samokish N. (1860-1944). On hunting. 1902. Illustration in the book. Graphics art. Russia.
0357 Triton, sea horse. Minsk. Beginning XX century. Relief on a facade of a building. Sculpture. Belarus.
0358 Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). The Blue Rider. Fragment. 1903. Painting. Russia.
0359 Klimt Gustav (1862-1918). Gold rider. 1903. Painting. Austria.
0360 Max Slevogt (1868-1932). Horseman. 1904. Etching and drypoint. Graphics art. Germany.
0361 Redon Odilon (1840-1916). The Chariot of Apollo. Fragment. 1905-1914. Oil embellished with pastel on canvas. Painting. France.
0362 Winsor McCay (1867-1934). In the country of dream. 1905. Illustration to the book. Graphics art. USA.
0363 Serov Valentin A. (1865-1911). Bathing of the horse. 1905. Painting. Russia.
0364 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Study for 'Boy Leading a Horse'. 1905-1906. Watercolor on brown vellum. Graphics art. France.
0365 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Boy Leading a Horse. 1906. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0366 Arthur Hughes (1832-1915). Overthrowing of the Rusty Knight. 1908. Oil on panel. Painting. Great Britain.
0367 Kandinsky Wassily (1866-1944). Lyric (Man on a Horse). Russia.
0368 Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). Rider in a Landscape. 1908-1909. Color woodcut. Graphics art. Russia.
0369 Nikolai Roerich (1874-1947). Mikula Selyaninovivh. 1909. Painting. Russia.
0370 George W. Lambert (1873-1930). Holiday in Essex. 1910. Oil on canvas. Painting. Russia / Australia.
0371 Rousseau Henri (1844-1910). Horse Attacked by a Jaguar. 1910. Painting. France.
0373 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Ruhende Pferde. Graphics art. Germany.
0374 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Little Blue Horse. Germany.
0375 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Three red horses. 1911. Painting. Germany.
0376 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Blue horse. 1911. Painting. Germany.
0377 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Blue Horses. 1911. Oil. Painting. Germany.
0378 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Little Blue Horse. Painting. Germany.
0379 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Blaue Fohlen. Germany.
0380 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Little Yellow Horses. 1912. Painting. Germany.
0381 Sarian Martiros (1880-1972). On the horse. 1912. Distemper. Armenia.
0382 Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). Elasticity. 1912. Painting. Italy.
0383 Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma (1878-1939). Bathing the Red Horse. 1912. Painting. Russia.
0384 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Tower of the blue horses. 1912-1913. Painting. Germany.
0385 Rider. Chad. Copper figurine. Sculpture. Africa.
0386 Rider. Ivory coast. Wood. Sculpture. Africa.
0387 Rider. Toy. Decorative art. Germany.
0388 Marc Franz (1880-1916). Tower of the blue horses. 1913. Painting. Germany.
0389 Narbut G. (1886-1920). Kutuzov M. I. 1913. Silhouette from a black paper. Graphics art. Russia.
0390 Indians pauni. Painting on a skin of a bison. Decorative art. America.
0391 Teapot. Dulevo. The beginning of XX century. Porcelain. Decorative art. Russia.
0392 Meunier K. (1831-1905). The fisherman. The end XIX-beginning of XX century. Bronze. Sculpture. Belgium.
0393 Circus Chinizelli. The end XIX-beginning of XX century. The poster. Graphics art. Russia.
0394 Duchamp-Villon Raymond (1876-1918). Large Horse. 1914. Bronze. Sculpture. France.
0395 Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). Dynamism of a Racing Horse & House (unfinished). 1914-1915. Sculpture. Italy.
0396 James Earle Fraser (1876-1953). The End of the Trail. 1915. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0397 James Earle Fraser (1876-1953). The End of the Trail. 1915. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0398 Chagall Marc (1887-1985). Rider. Vitebsk. 1918. The sketch to a picture. France.
0399 Roger Fry (1866-1934). Still Life with T'ang Horse. 1919-1921. Oil on canvas. Painting. Great Britain.
0400 Rowland Wheelwright (1870-1955). The Enchanted Shore. Oil on canvas. Painting. Australia.
0401 Erte & Nichlsonn. Alphabet. Letter "W". 1920s. Graphics art. France.
0402 John Storrs (1885-1956). Spirit U. Vitmana. The project of a monument to the poet. 1920. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0403 Komardenkov V. Cavalry of storms. 1920. Cover of the book. Graphics art. Russia.
0404 Horsemen Dogon. 1920s. Metal. Sculpture. Mali. Africa.
0405 Emblem of the automobile. Dessince par Darell. 1920-1925. Bronze. Decorative art. France.
0406 Wilhelm Hunt Diederch. Jokey. 1924. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0407 Filonov P. (1883-1941). Two horses. 1924. Graphics art. Russia.
0408 Golikov I. 1924. Casket. Palekh. Decorative art. Russia.
0409 Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947). Oriot - Messenger of the White Burkham. 1925. Tempera on canvas. Painting. Russia.
0410 Grekov M. (1882-1934). Tachanka. To machine guns to advance forward!". 1925. Painting. Russia.
0411 John Duncan (1866-1945). St. Columba Bidding Farewell to the White Horse. 1925. Tempera. Painting. Great Britain.
0412 Zmudinsky G. The plowman. 1925. Ink, feather. Graphics art. Belarus.
0413 Mestrovic Ivan (1883-1962). The American Indian. 1928. Bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0414 Dufy Raoul (1878-1953). Race track. 1928. Painting. France.
0415 Circas D., Ivanov - Vano I. Adventures of Baron Munchhgausen. 1929. Cartoon film. Russia.
0416 Escher M.C. (1898-1972). Horses. Graphics art. Holland.
0417 A One Horse Fire Department. Photo. Graphics art.
0418 Dali Salvador (1904-1989). Hidden lion, horse and sleeping woman. 1930. Canvas, oil. Painting. Spain.
Rivera Diego (1886-1957). Agrarian Leader Zapata. 1932. Painting. Mexico.
0419 Reginald Marsh (1898-1954). Steeplechase. 1932. Etching. Graphics art. USA.
0420 Grekov M. (1882-1934). Trumpeters of the First horse army. 1934. Painting. Russia.
0421 John Steuart Curry (1897-1946). Manhunt. 1934. Lithograph. Graphics art. USA.
0422 Rendered by Mildred E. Bent Carousel horse. 1935-1942. USA.
0423 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). Guernica. 1937. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0424 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Guernica. Detail. Madrid. 1937. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0425 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Cabeza de caballo. 1937. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0426 Kees Heynsius (born 1890). The Hackneyman's Horse. Etching. Graphics art. Netherlands.
0427 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Horse. Painting. China.
0428 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Horses. China.
0429 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Horse. Painting. China.
0430 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Four Horses. 1940. Ink and color on paper. Graphic art. China.
0431 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). A painting of Three Horses. Painting. China.
0432 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Horse on a meadow. Painting. China.
0433 Xu Beihong (1895-1953). Painting. China.
0434 Bilibin I. (1876-1942). The heroic past of Russian people. 1941. Graphics art. Russia.
0435 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Harlequin on Horseback. France.
0436 Picasso Pablo (1881 - 1973). The horse. 1941-1942. Aquatint and etching with roulette on Vidalon paper. Graphics art. France.
0437 Tamayo Rufino (1900-1991). Lion and Horse. 1942. Oil on canvas. Painting. USA.
0438 Schreckengost Viktor. The Apocalypse. 1942. Ceramics. Decorative art. USA.
0439 Matisse Henri (1869-1954). Funeral of Pierrot. 1943. Paper, guash, canvas. Graphics art. France.
0440 Geiger Villy (1878-?). War. 1943. Etching. Graphics art. Germany.
0441 Chalunin P. Fight Peresvet with Chelubey. A casket. 1945. Distemper, gold, varnish. Decorative art. Russia.
0442 Dali Salvador (1904-1989). Temptation sacred Antoniy. 1946. Canvas, oil. Painting. Spain.
0443 Marino Marini (1901-1980). Piccolo Cavaliere. 1947. Polychrome chalk. Sculpture. Italy.
0444 Marino Marini (1901-1980). Rider Il cavaliere. 1948. On paper, unique. Italy.
0445 Geiger Villy (1878-?). Dying horses. A series of " Twelve years ". 1948. Lithograph. Graphics art. Germany.
0446 Marino Marini (1901-1980). Cavaliere. 1949-1950. Polychrome wood. Sculpture. Italy.
0447 Chagall Marc (1887-1985). L' Equestrienne. France.
0448 Marino Marini. Horse and Rider. 1952-1953. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0449 Horse. From book Laptev A. " How to draw the horse ". 1953. Graphics art. Russia.
0450 Leger Fernand (1881-1955). The black horse. 1953. Ceramics. Decorative art. France.
0451 Dali Salvador (1904-1989). Santiago de Kompostella. Fragment. 1957. Painting. Spain.
0452 Kochar E. David Sasunsky. Yerevan. 1959 Sculpture. Armenia.
0453 Kashkurevich A. Ex libris. 1960s. Graphics art. Belarus.
0454 Magritte Rene (1898-1967). Anger of the gods. Fragment. 1960. Technique oil. Painting. Belgium.
0455 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). The Horse Woman. 1960. Lithograph. Graphics art. France.
0456 Kenig F. Derby I. 1960. Bronze. Sculpture. Germany.
0457 Moiseenko E. Red came. 1961. Painting. Russia.
0458 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Untitled (Matador). 1961. Lithograph. Graphics art. France.
0459 Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Rape of the Sabines. 1963. Oil on canvas. Painting. France.
0460 Magritte Rene (1898-1967). The Blank Check. 1965. Oil on canvas. Painting. Belgium.
0461 Mavrina T. Orange lilies. 1965. Distemper, gouache. Decorative art. Russia.
0462 Amashukeli E. Monument Vahtang Gorgasali. 1966. Sculpture. Georgia.
0463 Karamzin V. The groom. Yakutia. 1967. Engraving. Graphics art. Russia.
0464 Kounellis Jannis (Born 1936). Installation. 1969. Italy.
0465 Marts A. Two horse. Metal. Sculpture. Russia.
0466 Horse. Skan'. Metal. Decorative art. Russia.
0467 Karaljus G. Morning. Ladzinaj. Sculpture. Lithuania.
0468 Milton Glaser Don Kihot. Graphics art. USA.
0469 Dzivinskaja V. Horse. 1970s. Glass. Decorative art. Belarus.
0470 Mordillo. Rider. 1970s. Drawing. Graphics art. France.
0471 Prisekin S. On the Red area June, 24, 1945. Painting. Russia.
0472 Christ & Jeanne-Claude. Wrapped monument to Vittorio Emanele. Milan. 1970. Polypropilen a fabric and rope. Great Britain.
0473 Kashkurevich A. Thirst. Guerrillas. 1970. Etching. Graphics art. Belarus.
0474 Benitski D. Blacksmith. 1973. Painting. Slovakia.
0475 Kal'chiba V. Wedding ladle. 1976. Wood. Decorative art. Russia.
0476 Effel Jean (1908-1982). Figure. Graphics art. France.
0477 Zhilinsky Dmitry (Born 1927). The white horse. Fragment. 1977. Painting. Russia.
0478 Dali Salvador (1904-1989). The Happy Unicorn. 1977. Painting. Spain.
0479 Artemenko C. Horse - fire. 1979. Straw. Decorative art. Belarus.
0480 Kalinina A. Amazon. A toy from Dymkovo. 1979. Clay. Decorative art. Russia.
0481 Baranovsky V. On favourite horse. 1980. Graphics art. Belarus.
0482 Slobodchikov V. Verses. 1982. Bronze. Sculpture. Belarus.
0483 Gimpel Fils. Deity of death. Saint-Phalle. 1985. Sculpture. France.
0484 Deborah Butterfield (b. 1949). Eclipse (Grouping). 1986. Rusted Metal, Stee. Sculpture. USA.
0485 Boris Vallejo. Painting. USA.
0486 Nina Akamu. Leonardo's Horse. Sculpture. Italy.
0487 The virtual horseman. Collage. A computer. Graphics art.
0488 Benzoni Piero. The Hippogryph.
0489 Shalatain Jack. The poster. 1990s. Graphics art. Switzerland.
0490 Jill Ferguson. 1990s.
0491 Sculptor Sergey Bondarenko. 1990s. Photo. Belarus.
0492 Bondarenko S. Horse Didzis. Bronze. Sculpture. Belarus.
0493 Lyons Steve. Rider. 1991. Computer. Graphics art. USA.
0494 Paladino Mimmo (Born 1948). Horse. Florence. 1991. Bronze. Sculpture. Italy.
0495 Ivanov Grigorij. Portrait with horse. 1993. Oil on canvas. Painting. Belarus.
0496 Fernando Botero (born 1932). Horse. 1997. Bronze. Sculpture. Colombia.
0497 Deborah Butterfield. Untitled. 1997. Cast bronze. Sculpture. USA.
0498 The American Horse. Leonardo da Vinci's Horse, Inc. Michigan. 1999. Bronze. The size to 24 feet. Sculpture. USA.

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